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Khaled Bahgat

Khaled beginning his career in hospitality over Fourty years ago, Khaled  is highly experienced in the Middle East and Africa hotel market. 

He has proven specialist knowledge in hotel management, revenue management, e-commerce management, pricing strategy, sales, marketing and general management. Khaled runs Hotellux Company in association with a number of carefully selected partners.

Khaled can advise you on all aspects of your hospitality business and, where necessary, get you the specialist support you need to maintain business growth.


Arnold Rouverand

 Arnold dedicated and passionate driven professional, with 26 years’ experience in the leisure and hospitality industry. Have been involved in the development, planning and execution of all spectrum of hospitality and residential projects, from luxurious to economical. 

Arnold is more focusing on the technical and operating assistance, from inception with an idea, to the maintenance of a finished and trading operation. 

 MMAC The award winning firm provides interior design services to developers, architects and hotels

Business Partners

MMAC Design Associates.

Christian & Anil

With over thirty five years of combined hospitality experience, the founding partners Christian MERIEAU & Anil MANGALAT have developed more than forty hotel concepts for 12 ​of the leading international hospitality chains. ​The team at MMAC have over the years conceived and delivered high quality projects ​in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and South East Asia. The firm's hospitality expertise is fully expressed through its ability to consistently produce ​powerful and original designs while delivering projects on-time and within budget. We provide customized design solutions ​to our clients that incorporate 
their vision, embody the local culture & respect the regional context while fulfilling the hotel's brand ​positioning and operational requirements


Ethnic Technologies

 Ethnic Technologies (PTY) Ltd is a level 4 BEE company and qualifies as a 100% BEE Procurement Partner. We stand for equal opportunity and have implemented certain programs to further enhance the development of previously disadvantaged individuals, with a specific focus on developing the IT industry in South Africa. Furthermore, we currently have several BEE partners that we are working with.

We also promote skills transfer and, ultimately, independent trade under the careful guidance of our qualified engineers. Ethnic Technologies (PTY) Ltd also currently employs a diverse group of individuals, as is evident in our head office in Cape Town and the offices of our agents in Durban and Johannesburg.

Having adopted the above policies since the start, we are prepared to work with and welcome the opportunity to share skills with ABE [Affirmative Business Enterprise] partners, as well as help further the skills of PDI's [ Previously disadvantaged Individuals] and use their projects as a medium to develop our objectives and philosophies 

Kinza is General Contractor for Turn-Key Design & Build operation

Kinza Yapi


Established in 1996 in Istanbul / Turkey, KINZA YAPI has rapidly secured a reputable position in the international construction sector. Today, KINZA YAPI is proud of having successfully completed numerous projects in three different continents. KINZA YAPI offers high quality services and products at each step of processes, from project design to turn key operations.

KINZA YAPI strives to achieve customer satisfaction by offering design and construction functionality with an environment friendly construction approach. Its organisational structure through specialized expertise, flexibility, proactive and dedicated approach. towards its Clients provide the necessary advantages of fast track responses to requests.


Orsini SPI

Orsini SPI is a trusted and recognized hospitality procurement firm spearheaded by Manesh Balani, who draws on his 25 years of international hospitality experience and over 8 years presence in the Middle East.

One of our key assets is our long-standing team that works to the highest professional standards, offering clients a quick turnaround on Project Management, Approval and Tracking capabilities using our bespoke in-house software SPIsys.

GM Architects

Galal Mahmoud 

Born in Beirut in 1959, Galal's childhood was vividly strewn with lots of fond memories that somehow defined his desire for rootlessness. Still, due to obvious safety reasons, when the Mahmoud left Beirut in 1976, they left nothing behind there.

It is in Paris at Ecole d'Architecture de Versailles Paris - Architect D.P.L.G. that Galal was initiated to the art of architecture from 1980-1986. Soon after graduation, he joined Jean Pierre Heim, for a period spanning from 1987-1996.

The mid-90’s in Lebanon were an exciting time. The feverish pace of reconstruction after decades of conflict meant there was a lot to be done. Architects and interior designers were in demand and their services were at a premium. Though returning to Lebanon meant starting from scratch, thanks to a decade’s worth of experience and a portfolio of international projects under his belt, Galal soon found he had more work than he could handle. Amongst them was his first major commission following his return: the Crown Plaza hotel project in West Beirut’s Hamra neighborhood, and three landmark restaurant designs: Circus, Noodle and AJA.

Success was soon at the rendez-vous, and  a growing reputation around the Levantine region ensured GMA a sturdy position amongst the heavy weights.

Galal also Juried the marina competition in solider as a Juror member, in 2002. All the while invited for speeches and lectures in public areas or universities. it is with constant growth that Galal established GM Architects in Abu Dhabi in 2006.



Progressive Design Methodology. 

 At capitalcreative we are in the unique position of offering a fully rationalised architectural and interior design service that can greatly reduce the lead time from commission to construction by skilfully avoiding redesign time typically associated with a weak design management matrix, while ensuring that the client brief, expectations and timetable are being respected at all times.

There is no secret to how this is achieved, as it is merely the result of implementing an advanced tool-set as well as the experience amassed over decades of work to ensure that all steps are in the same direction and by providing sufficient, precise and effective communication methods between all of the project’s stakeholders.

a global hospitality design and concept firm that assists clients to plan

CKP Hospitality Consultants

Melissa Yarman

 CKP Hospitality Consultants – formerly Creative Kitchen Planners – is a global hospitality design and concept firm that assists clients to plan, develop and implement successful F&B venues. We’ve been at it for over 30 years and today, with over 1800 completed projects worldwide, we have set the benchmark and redefined global standards in the hospitality design industry.

We are headquartered in Kuala Lumpur with branch offices in Shanghai, Dubai, Bangalore, and Perth have become market leaders in each region. We are known for our work in world-class restaurants, high-end hotels, casinos, theme parks, resorts, industrial canteens, and convention centers with projects in Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.

In 2012, we redefined ourselves as “hospitality consultants” to reflect our expansion into the entire F&B process, from planning back-of-house facilities to the design of fresh new dining concepts from scratch. We have revolutionized and brought new perspectives to F&B, breaking the barrier between chefs and diners. And it shows in the results.

Our projects have won multiple awards including a combined 13 Michelin Stars and we were rated among the top 5 foodservice design firms globally by the acclaimed Food Arts Magazine for our work at the Bellagio Las Vegas.

Our diverse team of engineers, former hoteliers, chefs and mixologists ensure that each project is looked at through multiple viewpoints which translates into designs that create workplaces which are functional, ergonomic, intuitive and efficient.

We pride ourselves as a truly independent consulting firm, free from any equipment supply interest. We guarantee our client’s interests and budget are our top priority. Our projects are vastly diverse in terms of budget and style with each gaining recognition worldwide for the quality of our work and our ability to respond to different environments.

DG chez ETC - Excelsa Maroc

ETC - Excelsa Maroc


Professional space designer since 1990.

We mobilize specific know-how and skills that allow us to invent, develop and rethink an establishment. We take care of the development, coordination, manufacturing, installation and installation of a new space.
So we can respond to "on demand" in addition to "custom". We respond precisely to the expectations of our customers, taking into account all the constraints thanks to our know-how that we draw both from the tradition from which our profession originates, as well as from the most modern techniques.


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